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Coronavirus and Covid-19

Updated 28 June 2021

In complying with the move to level 4, we have implemented the following measures with immediate effect:


  • 50% of staff will work from home, providing space in the office for remaining admin staff

  • Client interactions will be virtual. Clients can still use the drop box outside to hand in any forms etc.

  • We will not be consulting with any external clients


Although we are quite desensitised to Covid at this point, please remain as vigilant as ever, wearing masks, social distancing, sanitising etc. The Delta variant that is tearing through Gauteng is far more transmissible than other strains. A recent report from a doctor detailed how almost all of his patients are being infected from social gatherings (coffee dates, lunches etc) with ‘like minded’ friends / family. We can only be accountable for ourselves and can never know what anyone else has been doing!

Vaccination Update - over 50s can register from 01 July 2021


All medical schemes have made testing for COVID-19 available for at risk members. The first point of call remains with your primary caregiver, who will assess and redirect you to the correct channels as stipulated by the NICD.


All schemes have valuable sources of information available on their respective websites. In particular, we would like to highlight the information provided on the Discovery Health website (, which includes a symptom checker if you think you may be at risk, as well as detailed information regarding the pandemic and precautions we should all take.


Further reading at the National Department of Health website.



All schemes will be fully funding vaccinations, supporting the national vaccine rollout programme. Importantly, all persons must register with the NDoH in order to receive a vaccine. This can be done at online  by clicking here

We pray you will all remain well during this unprecedented time.




The HealthGroup Team

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In case of a medical emergency, please contact either Rob Hastie or Dale Piper on their personal cell phones:

Rob - 0832302130

Dale - 0824616258

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