Pandemic Shield Insurance

Certainty In A Time Of Anxiety
The COVID-19 pandemic has created widespread uncertainty. Understandably, this has made many people and employers afraid for the future.  

Research has shown that South Africans are concerned about maintaining their lifestyles and making savings. They are also seeking ways to reduce the financial impact should they be hospitalised due to COVID-19.


The new Pandemic Shield insurance policy offers protection against these unexpected expenses.

Any person aged under 60 can apply. There are no medicals and no exclusions.
One policy is allowed per insured person.

What does Pandemic Shield cover?

Get a lump sum benefit and daily cash amounts if you are hospitalised because of any disease or health event declared a pandemic by the World Health Organisation (WHO).


Why do I need Pandemic Shield cover?

Pandemic Shield is not a medical scheme, but pays out a fixed amount if you are hospitalised due to a pandemic. Think how that could help if you were unable to work.

What about Covid-19?

Any hospitalisation longer than 48 hours, as a result of COVID-19, the coronavirus or SARS-CoV-2 is covered as long has you have been tested positive.

There are two policy options


Waiting Period: A 21-day general waiting period applies to all Pandemic Shield policies. During this time, no claims can be made and no event in the waiting period can trigger a claimable event, even if the claim is submitted after the waiting period has expired.

If you are hospitalised again for COVID-19, you can only make a subsequent claim after a period of 21 days has elapsed since your previous discharge following hospital treatment for COVID-19.  |  031 764 7298

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