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Bestmed Advisor Newsflash - Bestmed's position on NHI

Dear valued Business Partner,


As part of South Africa’s health eco-system, Bestmed strives to provide access to quality healthcare. As a result, we will continue to play a key role in expanding health services to South Africans across the country, not only through our Scheme, but also through our community outreach initiatives and extended partnerships. We recognise, and fully support, the importance of adopting Universal Healthcare principles and believe that all medical schemes have a fundamental role in what is clearly a critical national imperative.

The South African healthcare system faces many serious challenges and reform is needed. It is against this that clarity regarding the funding, operational model, implementation plan and the role of the private healthcare sector remains important in order to resolve the uncertainties and concerns around the viability of the NHI. This is despite the bill having been signed into law on Wednesday, 15 May 2024.

We fully believe that the public and private healthcare sectors can work together in providing quality healthcare to the citizenry. We are, therefore, committed to continuous engagement and partnership with government to collaboratively find a path that allows Schemes to continue to fulfil a meaningful role in the healthcare value chain, but also contribute to enabling access to high-quality healthcare into the future. Focus is very much on government and National Treasury to provide clarity and certainty regarding aspects which remain a source of much speculation. These include but are not limited to funding mechanisms, implementation plan as well as the role of the private sector.

Personally Yours,

Zerina Richards

Advisor Sales Channel Manager

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