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Health Insurance Solutions for Groups and Individuals

HealthGroup is an independent medical aid, medical insurance and gap cover intermediary. We have contracted with the leading health insurers in South Africa.

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Administered by Kaelo

Underwritten by Centriq Insurance

MyHealth Guardian+

Many South Africans do not have access to quality healthcare, which means that their health may be at risk. MyHealth - Guardian Plus puts private healthcare in reach of millions more
With unlimited GP visits, acute and chronic medication as well as radiology, pathology, dentistry and optometry benefits, MyHealth - Guardian Plus ensures that you have access to the healthcare you need.


Main member:


per Child:


R 510.00

R 408.00

R 306.00


Administered y Unity Health & Stratum Benefits

Underwritten by Constantia Insurance

Essential Primary Plus

It is our health insurance offering that provides essential healthcare solutions to individuals and families.
Choose between our Day-to-Day Benefit Option, Emergency and Accident Benefit Option or our
Day-to-Day, Emergency and Accident Benefit Option.

Our options complement your medical aid cover, or it can be taken as your primary health cover if you don’t have medical aid cover. 


Main member:


per Child:

Premiums from

R 470.00

R 335.00

R 130.00


UMA Essential Med

Underwritten bu African Unity Life

Essential Med

Essential Med’s health insurance is as unique as you. Our cover is flexible and affordable - you choose the benefits you need and the level of cover you want. You’re making a smart choice. Our day-to-day benefits are designed to give you access to private healthcare at an affordable rate. Our benefits give you access to private hospitals and casualty wards when you need it most. Can also add hospital cover.


Main member:


per Child:

Premiums from

R 381.00

R 304.00

R 191.00

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